The Fitting Process

Choosing a mattress is often a daunting and overwhelming process filled with confusion, frustration and risk.  To add to the challenge mattress shoppers are fully clothed and awake in a public setting almost ensuring the uncertainty of their selection.  This trial and error process is fundamentally flawed. 

At Unique Sleep we strive to eliminate all of these concerns and ensure a simple and worry-free Fitting Process.

We believe that no two individuals are alike.  You are unique.  Each tailored mattress is made to fit you and your person.  No two mattresses are ever the same.  We recognize this up front and take the necessary time with you to "get it right".

How your tailored mattress gets created:

1. Book a fitting appointment

Call or use our online scheduler to book a time to visit us and discover our fitting room.  Walk-ins are always welcome.  Dress comfortably and prepare to spend 30 mins to an hour with us.

2. Discover our fitting room

Learn about tailored mattresses and how they can help you in a relaxed environment.

3. Personalized Sleep Analysis

Your sleep needs and preferences as well as any current sleep issues will be collected and used to determine which mattress variation you will try first.

4. Directed Mattress Trials and Firmness Selection

We help direct you to very specific mattress variations to help determine which overall firmness is most appropriate to meet your needs.

5. Body to Mattress Fitting

Based on your body shape and sleep needs the firmness of each zone and layer inside your mattress is adjusted for you.  We eliminate all pressure points in your shoulder, lumbar and hip regions as well as consider your spinal alignment.

6. Body Measuring

We discreetly take relevant body measurements required to properly size and locate every personalized zone within your mattress.

7. Tailored Mattress

Your new mattress will be tailored to perfectly fit you and your person and is hand crafted to your required specifications.

Are you ready to
'Get Fitted'?

Get Fitted

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