Tailored Mattresses

You Are Unique!

No two people are alike.   We are all different in weight, height, shape and personal preferences. We are all unique. You are unique.  

A Mattress Unique Only to You and Your Person

We believe that one mattress doesn’t fit all.  With a tailored mattress each side is unique to each sleeper.  One side can be firm and the other softer depending on individual needs.

Body to Mattress Fitting

Each mattress contains at least one layer with interchangeable zones to meet the specific needs of hip, shoulder and lumbar regions.  The goal is to eliminate every pressure point while maintaining proper spinal alignment and support.  Body measurements are discreetly taken to ensure every zone on your body perfectly matches the mattress zone.

Layered Design

Additional layers are stacked under and over the zoned layer to the desired thickness and comfort requirements of each individual.  The firmness of each layer ranges from super soft to extra firm and can be different on each side of the mattress.

Unlimited Adjustability for Life

The combination of layers and zones is wrapped in a zip-cover that can be easily opened at any point down the road. Layers and zones are interchangeable and can be adjusted anytime throughout the life of the mattress to fine tune your comfort needs.  You are never stuck with a mattress that feels uncomfortable.

Mattress Components

Organic and Natural Materials

Material Benefits Comparison

Top 10 Mattress Features

Tailored Mattress Options

We only use 100% natural Talalay latex in all of our mattresses.  Each mattress is wrapped in an organic cotton and wool zip-cover for easy accessibility over the life of the mattress.  Below we list our 2 most popular options.  Other variations are available by clicking on the link below.

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