Our Personal Journey for Better Sleep

Chris and Irene Whatley, Founders of Unique Sleep

Chris - At 41 years old I seemed healthy but was walking around with a cane. I had been living with chronic lower back pain since my late 20's.  I had explored many different treatments and according to my doctor, the last resort was back surgery.  Instead, I learned to live with it.  In 2012 a friend suggested I see a Chiropractor.  After my first visit, it became obvious that intensive treatment was required.  Nevertheless, within two short week’s significant progress was made.  The cane was gone and I could actually touch my toes for the first time in 15 years.  With Chiropractic care I had renewed strength for life.

Irene - After several months of treatments, Chris’s Chiropractor mentioned something was off.  The treatments seemed to work but for some reason, he still required far more visits then was normally necessary.  Eventually, our mattress was determined to be the culprit.  Chris would get a chiropractic adjustment during the day and feel like he could conquer the world.  After spending only one night on our mattress his aches and pains would return.  It was not fun watching him ride that undesirable roller coaster.

We obviously needed a new mattress. The options seemed endless and nothing seemed to work for both of us.  Since we are so dramatically different in height and weight we found that whatever Chris liked was too firm for me and whatever I liked was too soft for him.  We were determined not to compromise by getting a mattress that didn't work for one or both of us.  The mattress buying process was incredibly overwhelming and impersonal.

Chris - After many months of searching, we determined that existing off-the-rack mattresses available in Canada would not work for us.  Being an industrial designer I decided to design and build a mattress just for us, one that was different on each side, firmer for me and softer for Irene.  It was zoned from head to toe providing different firmness levels for the lumbar, shoulders and hip areas.  Each zone was sized and cut to fit our exact body measurements, perfectly meeting our needs.


Irene - Unique Sleep was formed in 2013 to solve the problems we discovered firsthand with existing off-the-rack mattresses.  Since no two people are alike then we believe that every Unique Sleep tailored mattress should be different too.  That's over 37 million potential variations for Canadians alone.

We have discovered that by physically taking measurements of a client's body and building a mattress to fit their unique needs it always feels right.  We are unaware of any other company in Canada that offers a fully tailored mattress solution like ours.

Chris - By using 100% natural Talalay latex and wrapping each mattress in an organic cotton and wool zip-cover we know that we have found the perfect long term mattress solution for Canadians experiencing sleep issues. The fact that each mattress can be opened and adjusted, as often as required over its 20 plus year life, eliminates the inherent risks known to exist when purchasing an off-the-rack mattress.  Our Unique Sleep tailored mattress stands alone in this new category of sleep solutions.

Sleeping together has never been better!

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