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“Imagine going to buy a pair of jeans or shoes and trying to find a single pair that fits two people,” says Chris Whatley, owner of Unique Sleep. “You wouldn’t think of it. So why would you expect to find one mattress that works perfectly for you and your person?”

Chris and his wife Irene launched Unique Sleep to offer truly custom mattresses. Every mattress is crafted by hand in their Barrie workshop, with each side of the mattress designed to suit each person sleeping on it. It’s not just a matter of choosing between a firm mattress and a soft one: The Unique Sleep experience begins with time in the fitting room. Chris or Irene will measure you – your height, weight and more. They’ll ask about your sleeping habits – whether you sleep on your side, back, front, or some combination. They’ll even check your spinal alignment. 

Then they’ll do the same for the person who shares your bed. “Couples don’t need to come to the showroom at the same time,” Irene says. “This isn’t about finding a compromise mattress that will sort-of work for two people – each side of the mattress is unique to each sleeper.”

Each mattress contains layers of natural latex foam, with different densities to support every part of your body perfectly. “Our mattresses are all-natural – without artificial or toxic additives linked to health issues,” says Chris. “We use 100 percent natural latex made from rubber trees, wool and organic cotton.”

“Unlike traditional ‘off the rack’ mattresses that are premade and ready to go, our mattresses are made by hand, one at a time, just for you and your person,” Chris says. “Your bed is custom. It has not been made yet!” Once your mattress is designed and built, it will be delivered and installed. And then the real test begins.

“It takes time to ensure that your new mattress is really perfect for you,” says Irene.

20 minutes in a store and make a ‘best guess’ decision. We believe that only after sleeping on it will you know if it’s a perfect fit. If it needs to be adjusted, we’ll come to your bedroom and make it right.”

Because these mattresses are made from interchangeable pieces of latex, changes are easy. The bed can even be modified in future years. “People’s bodies change. You gain or lose weight, you get pregnant, you suffer an injury... whatever happens, your mattress can always be adjusted to fit,” says Chris. “Made for you and your person.” DS

By Andrew Wagner-Chazalon, originally published in Dockside Magazine, Simcoe and Goergian Bay Edition, Winter 2016

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