Compromise is the Problem

Finding a mattress can be shapes, weights and sleep filled with compromise, leading to restless nights, wasted money and buyer’s remorse. According to a study by the U.S. National Academy of Medicine, “Sleep problems and lack of sleep can affect everything from personal and work productivity to behavioral and relationship problems.”

What is not being pointed out is that off-the-rack mattresses are already made, designed to fit the average person: a woman who is 5’4” tall and weighs 155 lbs, and a man 5’9” tall who weighs 187 lbs, Are you average?

“When you visit a traditional mattress store and talk with their people, they will advise you in a very broad sense,” adds Irene. “They will ask

if you sleep on your back or side. They will ask if you want firm or soft. They will discuss the various features.” But how can one off the
rack mattress properly fit two people that are different weight, height and build? Size matters.

Unique Sleep owners Chris and Irene Whatley believe a mattress should be built to fit you, in perfect comfort. No compromise.

“Look at the two of us,” says Chris. “I am over 6 feet tall and Irene is only 5 feet. We are built very differently. How on earth can a premade, cookie-cutter mattress work for both of us when our body preferences are completely different? It’s just not possible.”

“We build every mattress one at a time, just for you and your person,” says Irene.

Each mattress consists of seven separate zones per side that are custom-fitted to conform to your body for personalized comfort. Your shoulders and hips may need a different firmness level then your lower back. The other half of the bed will be built for your person, totally different from your side.

“When you come to our fitting room you will see several mattresses. These are not for sale,” says Chris. Irene adds: “We fit you to the mattress. Your mattress has not been made yet. That is opposite to everyone else.”

Numerous measurements and parameters are considered to adjust each mattress, until your spine is in perfect alignment. Only then is your mattress designed and hand- made just for you.

Once built, your mattress is delivered and assembled. If it is still not perfect, they will come back to your home to make further adjustments.

“And this is my personal promise to you,” says Chris. “If after 99 nights you are not happy for any reason, we will give you a full refund.” DS

Photography by Andrew Fearman, originally published in Dockside Magazine, Simcoe Edition, Spring 2017

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