The ZZZZ factor

We all know that our bodies need seven to nine hours of sleep a night, but actually getting our rest is easier said than done. 

“Many people try to manage their daily lives without having a good night’s sleep,” says Chris Whatley, president of Unique Sleep Solutions. “We have lived with a lack of sleep for so long that we no longer realize how it’s affecting our lives on a larger scale.”

Sleep deprivation has been found to have many negative affects on the body, from memory problems to weight gain and decreased immunity.

“When you don’t sleep well, you function differently,” says Chris. “This can affect your mood, your work performance, how alert you are when driving, how much you crave sugary foods and caffeine... It really affects every area of your life.”

What are you sleeping on?

Chris and his wife, Irene, advise clients on ways to improve their sleep habits, but they say the best place to start is with your mattress.

“When evaluating your existing mattress, take 30 seconds when you first wake up and think about how you feel,” says Chris. “Are you aching or sore? Did you toss and turn or wake up in the night? If so, there’s a good chance your mattress is not working for you.”

Customized Sleep

Chris and Irene design and produce natural custom mattresses using only 100 per cent natural Talalay latex, organic cotton and wool. Every mattress is made to suit their clients’ individual body types, sleep styles and support needs. Clients are encouraged to try out mattress variations at their showroom on King Street in Barrie, in a relaxed and comfortable setting.

“Latex mattresses have a light, buoyant feel that lifts your body to relax your muscles and relieve tension,” says Irene. “When you lie on a latex mattress, it naturally conforms to your body’s structure and eliminates pressure points.”

Unique Sleep’s mattresses have interchangeable zones, which can be arranged to give more or less support to specific areas of your body. Each side of the mattress is made unique to each sleeper. “If your side of the mattress needs more support added to a specific area, we can adjust it for you, even after you’ve slept on it,” says Irene.

A restful sleep can also depend on the pillow you use. Unique Sleep also has natural latex pillows, which they allow prospective clients to try through their unique Pillow Lending Program.

“We spend a third of our lives asleep,” says Irene. “Our goal is to help people get the best sleep they can, at a reasonable cost, knowing that it will make a huge improvement in their lives.” DS

By Shelanne Jennings, originally published in Dockside Magazine, Simcoe Edition, Fall 2015

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