Adjustable for Life

As we age our sleep needs inevitably change. We may gain or lose weight, get pregnant, endure an injury or simply change our lifestyle habits. Off-the-rack mattresses do not take this into consideration. A mattress that no longer feels comfortable typically is replaced or a topper is added to alter its feel. This can work. But not always and usually not for long.

It’s not logical to sleep on an uncomfortable mattress or be forced to replace a perfectly good mattress simply because it is no longer comfortable. What if, for only a few weeks or a month, a temporary change is required? A new mattress may not make sense for any number of reasons.

A mattress that can be unzipped and opened to make easy adjustments will meet your new needs at any time.  A client service team to assist and determine necessary changes years down the road is invaluable.

Never accept status quo.

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