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Off-the-rack mattresses NEVER seem to work.
They're NOT made for you.
Mattresses are mass produced for averages.
You are NOT average.

You are unique.

Why choose from 20 options or from only 1?
Tailor fit to you is better bar none.

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    We needed a mattress that would accommodate our various medical conditions, and would also fit in our 24' motorhome with its cut-away bunk. Chris and Irene took oodles of time fitting the type of support we needed by having us lie on the showroom model and changing the foam components until it was the most comfortable. Then Chris crawled around in our bunk to fit the components in the unusual space. The price point was higher than we had originally set, but after six weeks I can truthfully say it was worth every penny we invested. We drive 60,000 km a year in our RV and having a great night's sleep is imperative. There is no other company in Canada that could have built us such a quality mattress for our unique space. Thank you Chris and Irene!
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    Everything about my experience with Irene and Chris from Unique Sleep Solutions was amazing. From the first phone call I made where Chris offered to stay open late to accommodate my schedule, to the immaculate showroom, to the kids area which kept my toddler occupied while my wife and I tried out mattresses, you couldn't ask for anything more. As far as the mattress goes, Chris and Irene went over and above to help us select the perfect bed. My wife and I are different sizes and had vastly different wants/needs and with a zoned king size mattress we each have our own separate layers of perfection. You owe it to yourself to lay on a latex mattress, there really is nothing else like it. Once you find the right comfort level you don't notice the various parts of your body that stick out, you just feel completely comfortable and supported. I am a very hot individual and I find the mattress breathes very well.. no issues with heat in case anyone has concerns about that. I am also currently enjoying the pillow lending program.. a great service that further ensures customer satisfaction. The personal delivery and setup was excellent as well, my dog was quite entertained, much to the chagrin of Chris, I am sure.
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    After disastrous results from our last 2 mattresses, I decided it was time to start thinking outside the "normal" box. After doing online research for what seemed like an eternity, it appeared as though Talalay latex could be the solution I was looking for. We first met Chris at the Barrie Home Show where I tried one of their tri-zone mattresses for the first time. It was like nothing I'd ever experienced before, and hard to put into words -- imagine laying on a mattress and instead of thinking "this feels great on my back or shoulders or hips or ..." you're left with the sensation that everything feels exactly the same; kind of like floating but not really. I couldn't identify one area of my body that felt different from another -- it was just such a sense of total and complete comfort. Fast forward to the summer of 2015 and suffice to say we purchased a king tri-zone. To this day, I still marvel at the level of comfort. For someone who's had 2 back surgeries and a neck injury, this mattress has provided me with what I'd sought for years -- a comfortable, supportive sleeping environment and, more importantly, pain free mornings. I can't say enough about Chris and Irene, their products at Unique Sleep, and their approach to customer service. They're sincere, friendly and genuinely invested in your experience as a customer, both initially and afterwards. Our mattress (and mattress protector, and latex pillows) are proving to be one of the best investments we've made in many years.
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    I am very happy with the king mattress that I purchased from Unique Sleep. Chris and Irene were extremely helpful, friendly and honest. Those are not words that I would use to describe the sales people at most mattress retailers. My back is much better and my sleep much better since purchasing this mattress. As well it solved a long standing problem of a tight stairwell in my house. This has always made it impossible to get a king mattress up the stairs without bending it. Hard physical work and not good for a new mattress. The Unique Sleep mattress is all made in sections that are easily moved up the stairs and assembled in your bedroom. I know that sounds strange but it is a simple and reliable way to make a mattress. You really need to see it. We are very pleased with our choice of the Unique Sleep mattress.
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    After a serious back injury requiring several surgeries, good sleep was hard to come by. We decided to try Unique Sleep Solutions as a personalized mattress seemed a possible option. We have never slept better! The mattresses were constructed with careful consideration to our aches and pains. After several weeks, Chris came back to our home and fine tuned the arrangement of sections for even more comfort. Having not slept through a whole night in years, it is so delightful to go to bed at night and wake up in the morning after a solid sleep. Thank you Chris and Irene.
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You are unique.

Why does it matter?

Join the growing number of people discovering why off-the-rack mattresses NEVER seem to work and how a tailored mattress made to fit you and your person is always right, every night!

“You are unique.  Why does it matter?” describes the 4 main reasons why it makes sense to consider a tailored mattress as a part of your mattress buying process.

Whether you are ready to GET FITTED today or not “You are unique.  Why does it matter?” will certainly give you several things to think about.  

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Join the growing number of people discovering why off-the-rack mattresses NEVER seem to work and how a tailored mattress made to fit you and your person is always right, every night! Download it today by completing the simple form and clicking on the button below.
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