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Unique Sleep’s Custom Talalay Mattresses made by hand, one at a time – Just for you and your person.

We believe that the mattress should be fitted to the person and not the person fitted to the mattress. While other companies are happy to show you 10, 20 or even 50 different mattresses – ask yourself this question. Can any of these mattresses properly fit both you and your person? With our custom manufacturing process we could make 40,353,607 mattresses before we would make any two the same. And guess what, the left and right side of the mattress are always different. Why? Look at yourself, now look at your person. Are you the same shape, build and height? With the other guy’s mattress one of you must compromise. We believe you both deserve to be comfortable.

Our mattresses are custom fit to you and your person. We take 6 measurements so that your mattress will fit like a lambskin glove.

We could have stopped there and had a killer product. But that was not good enough. One of the founders of Unique Sleep is a picky product engineer. The materials for the mattresses had to be the best. Our mattresses are made out of 100% natural latex. But not just any latex, Talalay latex. You can learn more about this latex in the video below.

But comfort is not just about fit. It is also about great feeling materials. Nothing feels as good as pure New Zealand Wool. That’s right wool. Not the old scratchy wool that your Grandma used to knit sweaters. This is the stuff that is used to make the finest Italian suits and the world’s best active wear. The good stuff.

There are lots of places you can get great, top of the line, cookie cutter mattresses. But we believe both you and your person deserve to be comfortable.

Come to our Mattress Fitting Room and try out our sample mattresses. We will then measure you, fit you and make a just for you and your person mattress. You don’t have to come together. You can both be fitted at different times. This is not about finding a bed that is a good compromise. One side is for you. The other for your person.

Discover how comfortable a mattress can be.


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